A Brief Introduction to Lawrence and Smith

Welcome to the Law Offices of Lawrence & Smith. Lawrence & Smith is a partnership originally formed in 1983 comprised of two professional corporations: John S. Lawrence, P.C., and Ronald E. Smith, P.C. John S. Lawrence is the principal of John S. Lawrence, P.C. Ronald E. Smith is the principal of Ronald E. Smith, P.C. Attorney A. Fraser Hudgins III is of counsel to the firm.

The origins of the firm date back to 1983 when Ronald E. Smith and John S. Lawrence formed an original partnership of Lawrence & Smith from two separate firms: Ronald E. Smith Law Offices and John S. Lawrence Law Offices. Ronald E. Smith's Law Offices were originally located in the historic Ford Building and, upon the formation of the partnership Lawrence & Smith, the firm moved to 3930 University Drive. In 1987 the firm moved to its current location at 3900 University Drive. Early in 1995, we expanded our facilities and added additional space to our current offices.

From the beginning, the firm has represented individuals and corporations. We handle cases primarily in the areas of Personal Injury, Criminal, Traffic and Drunk Driving, Domestic Relations and Divorce, Bankruptcy, Debt Collection, Corporate Law, & Social Security Disability, as well as various other legal concerns of our clients. The Firm has represented thousands of residents of Northern Virginia in all Federal and State Courts of Northern Virginia. We have represented clients from New York to Hawaii as well as countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Currently we have a professional staff comprised of three legal secretaries, a receptionist, a law clerk and an office assistant. Together with the attorneys of the firm they aim to assist our clients to the best of their ability.

The attorneys of the firm are members of various professional associations such as, The American Trial Lawyers Association, The American Bar Association, The Virginia Trial Lawyers Association, The Virginia College of Criminal Defense Attorneys, The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, The National Head Injury Foundation, The Fairfax Bar Association, The Kiwanis Club, Who's Who in American Law, as well as other professional organizations.

Attorneys of the firm have attended various Universities in their preparation for the practice of law. Universities attended by them include: Rutgers University, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, George Mason University, The American University, LaSalle University, Georgetown University and Manhattan University. Altogether, the attorneys have a total of over a half of century of trial experience.

On a daily basis the firm is in court trying cases throughout Virginia. Our attorneys receive constant ongoing legal education in the areas of our practice and legal ethics. Our staff also receives periodic in-service and conference training.

When you meet with one of our attorneys, please feel free to discuss your concerns about any legal matters which you or your family may have; we will attempt to address them with you.

During the course of your representation, you should feel comfortable in contacting our offices concerning any matter about which you feel important regarding your case. Because the attorneys are often in court, you may be referred to any attorney other than the one assigned to your case, or to a member of our support staff in an attempt to address your concerns. You should be aware that the support staff are not permitted to answer legal questions, but they can provide you with pertinent information and are a vital link between you and your attorney.

We hope that you have found the above information helpful in gaining a more complete background of the firm. We encourage questions that you may have concerning our ability to serve you, and look forward to that opportunity.

Once again, welcome to Lawrence & Smith. We look forward to our professional relationship with you.