Ronald E. Smith, Esquire

Ronald E. Smith began his higher education at LaSalle College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1961. Upon recieving his B.A. in English, he then went on to post graduate sudies at Manhattan College, Georgetown University, and American University where he recieved his M.A. in English Literature. Thereafter, Mr. Smith enrolled in George Mason University's School of Law recieving his Juris Doctor in 1980.

Mr. Smith began his legal career in 1979 at the Law Offices of Thomas A. Rothwell. Here, his primary duties included research, liason and legal writing. His work included, but was not limited to, research in the field of trade regulation, antitrust, and small business, maintaining contacts with various Congressional/Senate offices regarding proposed legislation and drafting federal appellate briefs.

Thereafter, that Mr. Smith went to work for the Reagan-Bush staff. Here, he coordinated the daily campaign activities of the Business for Reagan-Bush Committee. It was his duty to draft and implement campaign strategy as it impacted on the business committee. He also assisted the committee's efforts in contacting and aiding efforts of State Chairpersons and in coordinating efforts of the National Advisory Board for Business.

Mr. Smith subsequently served in the Office of the President-Elect Ronald Reagan, and he assumed a postiton on the National Transportation Safety Board Transition Team. His work for the President-Elect concluded in January of 1981.

From January 1981 to November of 1981, Mr. Smith was an attorney and legal consultant in the field of government relations and real estate development. Since 1982, he has engaged in the private practice of law, eventually forming the partneship Lawrence & Smith, with John S. Lawrence. The current areas of the firm's practice are: Criminal, Personal Injury, Bankruptcy, Divorce and Domestic Matters, Debt Collection, Social Security Disability and Corporate Law.

Mr. Smith has served as a guest lecturer for the Virginia State Bar Continuing Legal Education Programs teaching attorneys throughout the state. He has also served in the capacity as a guest in the Continuing Legal Education Program of the Fairfax Bar Association.